Nipple Reconstruction


  • Inverted nipple
  • Congenital absent nipple
  • No nipple after mastectomy or breast reconstruction
Nipple Reconstruction Diagram
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  • Release of inverted nipple and reconstruction of base with glandular bi-pedicled flaps.
  • Creation of new nipple tubercle using patients own skin under local anaesthetic
  • Once healed and stable the areola (pink/brown area) is tattooed on by the breast care nurses.

After Care

  • Don’t disturb dressings until seen in dressing clinic
  • Keep dressings dry
  • Wear mould around new nipple for 3 weeks to prevent flattening
  • Do not wear tight fitting bra for 3 weeks
  • Simple over the counter analgesia like paracetamol and or nurofen for a few days
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