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Bon Secours Hospital

Bon Secours

I have a full time permanent appointment at the Bons Secours Hospital Cork which has 343 beds and caters for up to 18,000 admissions and 29,000 outpatient attendances per year. The new 75 million euro investment will translate to a state of the art oncology facility and surgical day unit which will allow me to deliver swift, high-quality care to my patients in a centre of excellence and innovation.

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Process of Referral

Referrals can be made by phone or letter to Clinic B, Suite 17, The Cork Clinic

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  • I aim to keep patients on their regular medication in so far as possible.
  • I almost never stop Asprin, even when performing skin grafting.
  • If patients are not permitted to stop their Warfarin for 72 hours they will require admission preoperatively for bridging Heparin.
  • The Royal College of Anaesthetics advise that all women stop the OCP a minimum of 6 weeks prior to any elective surgery.
  • Patients undergoing surgery greater than 90 minutes who are admitted on the day of surgery may require 40mg of Clexane or 3,500 units of Innohep the day before surgery. They will be advised of this on their clinic attendance.
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Post Op Care

  • Patients dressings are not to be changed postoperatively until they are seen again in outpatients.
  • Patients are not to shower for 48 hours
  • When they do they can dry their steristrips with a hair dryer
  • Limb dressings are to be held above and out of the shower
  • I recommend paracetamol and/or nurofen for pain management post operatively. If they require something stronger it will be prescribed prior to discharge.
  • Patients are legally not allowed to drive with a splint on.
  • After any surgery a patient should not drive if they are not confident that they can perform an emergency stop with ease.
  • Patients undergoing post bariatric body surgery are required to wear their compression garments day and night for a period of 6 weeks.
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  • I will post you a copy of all patient histology as it comes to hand with a follow-up plan.
  • If you have not received a result please contact my secretary or lodge a query on the callback form.