Congenital Trigger Thumb


  • Unilateral or bilateral thumb(s) held in a flexed position at or shortly after birth
  • Unilateral or bilateral thumb(s) catching on moving
  • Palpable swelling in flexor tendon of thumb(s)
Congenital Trigger Thumb Image
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  • ⅓ of cases get better by themselves in one year
  • Night time splint before 12 months
  • If develops after one year it rarely gets better by itself
  • Surgery should be considered if it has not resolved by 12 months of age
  • Division of A1 pulley as a general anaesthetic day case

After Care

  • Keep the dressings intact until seen in clinic
  • Do not get them wet
  • Over the counter Calpol and/or Nurofen for pain relief
  • No exercise for 48 hours as this will encourage bleeding
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