Jersey Finger/Flexor Tendon Repair


  • Feeling a pop or snap when you try to pull your finger which is caught in something
  • The top third of your finger is staying out completely straight
  • You are unable to bend the top of your finger
  • You may have accidentally cut your tendon with a sharp implement
Jersey Finger Image
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  • Exploration of the finger and direct repair of the tendon ends if available
  • Repositioning of the tendon on the bone if pulled of the bone
  • If present for more than 2 weeks direct repair may not be possible and you may need 2 surgeries to reconstruct the tendon over a 6 month period

After Care

  • No exercise for 48 hours
  • Leave your dressings dry and intact until you return to clinic
  • If you shower keep the hand and arm above the level of the shoulder out of the water
  • Take simple over the counter pain relief like Paracetamol or Nurofen for 48 hours or more for any discomfort
  • No driving until you are out of splint at 12 weeks
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