New Burn


  • A painful red area without blisters (first degree burn)
  • A painful red/ paler area with blisters
  • A white/grey area that is not painful
New Burn on Hands Image
Stop the Burning FIrst Aid Diagram


  • First Aid first:
    • Remove the source of heat and any burnt or wet clothes
    • Cool the affected area by running it under cool (not cold) water for 10 minutes
    • Take main relief as it will be sore
    • If significant, cover with cling film and attend your own GP or, at night time, emergency department for assessment
  • If the burn is unhealed by 14 days it may need to be removed and a skin graft applied
  • Take pain relief

After Care

  • Keep your dressings intact until you are seen in the dressing clinic
  • Keep your dressings dry
  • No exercise until the graft is well healed
  • No smoking to improve healing
  • Pain relief
  • At 3 weeks scar care
Different types of Sutures and Stitches Diagram